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I have an old cabinet that I keep in my laundry room to hold my paint and serve as a testing spot when I’m mixing a custom color. You can imagine it starts to look a little wild after a while. It gets a fresh coat of paint about once a year to create a new canvas. When I’m experimenting with colors, a sample on real wood, gives me the best idea of what it will look like on furniture. The side you can’t see gets covered first, and I gradually work my way all around. I had little downtime this week, so I took advantage of it and tried out two of the lovely whites in the Pure & Original color palette; coffee cream, and bone. Classico is a snap to work with because its chalk based and sticks to everything, and requires no wax or sealer. Not a major project, but it shows what you can do in an hour (i skipped the inside this time around), with one coat of paint.coffeecream copy

Nothing is out of bounds to paint in my house and be the subject of a blog post. If quick and easy is what you’re looking for, you’ll love these projects: Marrakech Walls on Glass,  White Washed Bench  and  Pretty in Pink




Hi Leslie,
Thank you so much for sharing and everything that I can learn from you!! You are so amazing and blessed with this beautiful talent! You posted a project Marrakech walls on glass on 21/07/2014. The vases are displayed on a table with an eye catching finish – something I am looking for sooooo long! Please PLEASE! could you guide me through the order and layering of the colors on that table??I know that you are very busy, but Please, I will appreciate it so much because I have a very old battered piece that needs to be done like that. I thought about doing it either like your ‘swedish pine’ or ‘why not just white’ or the ‘believable white’ dresser, but this finish is exactly what I had in mind! Thank you for your precious time, I really appreciate it.

Kendra Rockwell

I would love to try this paint it isn’t available near me. Do you know of any online retailers?

Kathleen Herman

Leslie, I love the idea of Classico not needing to be sealed. So on a dresser or a piece not in a bathroom or kitchen area, you would not seal? What pieces would you suggest sealing and what sealer would you use. Thanks.


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