Century Dresser in Peony

What a TREAT! Meet Kayla Payne of “PAINTED”

She will be sharing with us a REALLY FUN Dresser re-style!


Hey guys!  I am so excited to be sharing here with y’all today!  So just a little about me really quick; I have been painting interiors, cabinets and furniture for about 15 years now.  I love so many different types of paints and painting styles but for the past year I’ve begun painting most of the furniture I flip with oil based paints.  I just love the durability and the look that can be achieved with oils.  Most recently I’ve been using Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Brilliant for my furniture.  Hollandlac Brilliant is the glossiest, single stage, oil enamel that I know of on the market today.  The level of gloss and perfection that can be achieved when this paint is sprayed is so amazing!  So here’s a little dresser makeover I did using Fine Paints of Europe (FPoE for short).  I hope you’ll enjoy the transformation from dull and dated to dazzling and daring in this very pink before and after:)

I found this amazing Century dresser on my local Craigslist a few weeks ago, and I knew instantly that it would be a perfect candidate for a bright, fun and bold color!


The first thing I did was remove all of the hardware, doors and drawers.  Then, I used Bondo Glazing putty to fill in all of the dents, dings and scratches.  When using high gloss paint, you want to be sure to fill any imperfection because if not, they will shine like new money after paint!


After everything was filled, I hauled the dresser outside to sand.  I used my orbital sander with 220 grit sandpaper to take off the shine of the existing finish so that my primer would adhere properly.


After I sanded all surfaces, I primed with an oil base primer.  The primer takes several hours to dry enough to sand again.  So after waiting the allotted time, I sanded this dresser yet another time!  This time I used 320 grit sandpaper on my orbital sander, and by hand on the areas my palm sander couldn’t reach.  I sometimes joke with people and tell them I’m a professional sander instead of painter because I spend way more time sanding than actually painting!  Anyway, once fully sanded one last time and cleaned off, I taped up the drawers to keep the sides nice and clean.  I also taped and papered the holes where the drawers go in efforts to keep everything neat and tidy. I carried all the pieces into my spray booths then used a clean tack cloth to wipe everything down as good as I possibly could.  Another thing about high gloss paint, all of the dust needs to be gone!  Otherwise as soon as the paint goes on, you’ll see every tiny spec of dust that wasn’t wiped up with the tack cloth!


So I chose to paint this dresser in Peony.  The color is from Benjamin Moore.  The guys at FPoE matched it perfectly. It’s the most perfect pink!!


I sprayed two coats, with about 36 hours in between for dry time.  Waiting for paint to dry is excruciating to me!  I’m always so anxious to get these projects finished up for their staged photos.  For the hardware, I scrubbed the brass with Bar Keeper’s Friend.  I just love that stuff.  It works so well every time.  

Ok enough of me yapping, here are the afters!!








Well guys, what do you think?  I’m thinking that I might want to paint everything pink from now on!  I hope you enjoyed this bold dresser makeover, and I also hope the rest of your week is fabulous! xo



Absolutely beautiful. Great transformation. Love the color and lacquer finish. Wonderful statement piece.


This is gorgeous! And so much patience truly paid off. The waiting in between coats would drive me crazy too. Love it!

Jenene Horner

I absolutely adore this piece and the color, not to mention the finish. I’m pretty positive I’d never be able to manage oils or get this finish. It’s truly beautiful.

Bambi Mayer

Beautiful! I love the high gloss. What kind of sprayer do you use for this paint?


Great job on the redo! Glad to know there’s someone else out there who appreciates oil-based paint! For durability, there’s NOTHING like it!


Thanks Cindy! I do love oils! But I love nearly all types of paints too! They all have their place for sure! I’m just glad we can all appreciate different styles and techniques! xo

Maria Urban

Which Bar Keepers friend do you use? There seems to be multiple kinds. Thanks.

Carol Lander

I am amazed at this makeover. Beautiful work. I’m admire your patience with the sanding and the painting and drying time. But it paid off big time. The Peony is striking ~ slick, bright and bold. Congratulations on a job well done.


What a gorgeous piece!!!! I love the high gloss and the gold, particularly the add detail of dipped feet ❤️ If it were mine, I would build a beautiful closet around it with a pink ceiling. (Wish I’d thought of this when id signed my sister’s instead of building all ikea 😕). Nice job!


Beautiful work! Can I ask what brand of sander you recommend? It must be a dandy to work on such delicate finishes!


So beautiful! I was wondering what kind of paint sprayer you use for the job?


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