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Small Step Stool Video 26

    In this Part 2 Video,  I demonstrate how to layer chalk paint colors to create a Restoration Hardware style finish.. If you missed the first of of this 3 part series where I prepare the surface for painting, you can view that here. The Restoration Hardware style finish is easy to recreate with… Read more »

Small Step Stool: Video 25

  In this Part 1 video, I show how to do a quick prep on our small step stool to ready it for painting with Chalk Paint in a Restoration Hardware style finish. If you like this video, you can subscribe on YouTube, and see the next tutorial in this series as soon as it… Read more »

Dried Lavender

    This little step stool sits by my back door and usually holds wet and muddy boots. It’s been painted before but needed refreshing.  Since I had mixed several colors of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, I painted on a quick coat of Grain Sack followed by a light layer of Dried Lavender. It… Read more »

Two Steps

  Here is another little step stool that I picked up for a few dollars. Sometimes it sits near the door where it manages to collect a pair or two of shoes. Other times it holds books, magazines,  plants and the mail.  It’s also great for those times you need a little extra height to… Read more »