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Video 32 – Let’s Do Stone, Adding Age and Patina

  In this tutorial we add age and patina to our painted garden pots with chalk paint. This extra step gives our pots authenticity as well as depth and interest. You can see all of my video tutorials by clicking on the Videos tab. You can also watch them on my YouTube channel, where if you hit… Read more »

#28 Video: Prepping Plastic Planters for Chalk Paint

  I thought it would be fun to take some inexpensive plastic planter pots from Home Depot and show you two different finishes with chalk paint. In this video, I’ll show you the first steps to prepping them, which includes TSP and drilling drain holes. In the next series of videos, I’ll use my layering… Read more »

Patina and Verdigris

The original finish of this outdoor light when I purchased it from Horchow several years ago ( I think they still sell them) was a dark bronze.   I wanted to take some the “newness” off and give it a more vintage look. It is easy to create a verdigris finish with a variety of… Read more »