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Please Come In

I’ve heard it said that, “your front door is the smile of your house.” If that is the case, here are some of my favorite welcoming entryways in bold colors found on Pinterest.                                 Feeling inspired?  If not and you… Read more »

Back in Blue

  One of the great things that I’ve experienced after taking two classes from Steve Wallis is a renewed sense of creativity. Just learning new techniques and having new tools to work with really motivated me to experiment with my paint finishes. Taking some of the skills I learned in Steve’s marbling and wood graining… Read more »

Cedar Chest of Blue

  I was getting ready to repaint this vintage cedar chest and realized I had never blogged about it. So consider this the “before” photo. Although, I think layering the blues turned out well , it’s on it’s way to a new home and needs to be a new color. Originally it was a maple… Read more »

The Moody Blues

  A monochromatic color scheme can be a refreshing change of pace. I’m in my Blue Period right now. I love taking one paint color group and layering the variations over each other.  It’s a simple way to add extra depth and complexity to any finish. You don’t have to worry about the colors being compatible as… Read more »

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