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Video 31- Let’s Do Stone

In this video, I show how to paint a plastic garden pot to look like stone using Chalk Paint. I also introduce another chalk paint, Classico made by Pure & Original Paint, imported from The Netherlands, and soon to be available in the US. You can use chalk paint to easily create a variety of faux… Read more »

Video #21: Transforming a Brass Chandelier with Chalk Paint and Wax. Part 3 of 3

This is the last installment of our 3 part video series where we transform an ordinary inexpensive brass chandelier using chalk paint. In this tutorial I demonstrate how to add the final touches to our now, old world, vintage style chandelier using dark wax. If you missed the first two videos in the transformation process of this… Read more »

Video #20: Chalk Painting a Brass Chandelier

In part 2 of 3 in my Brass Chandelier video series I add Chalk Paint directly to the metal surface to create an old world, vintage, look on an ordinary chandelier. I include the products to use and demonstrate, step by step the painting techniques. If you missed  Part 1: The Preparation,  of this Brass… Read more »

The Colorways Swing

a Wow, you guys are incredibly observant! So many emails have come my way asking about the image we used in the introduction of the video tutorials, a quick post seemed in order. After we finished shooting the first round of videos last summer, Caleb, our talented photographer, and John, my amazing publicist, shot some… Read more »

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