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The Moody Blues

  A monochromatic color scheme can be a refreshing change of pace. I’m in my Blue Period right now. I love taking one paint color group and layering the variations over each other.  It’s a simple way to add extra depth and complexity to any finish. You don’t have to worry about the colors being compatible as… Read more »

True Blue

      Combinations of blue are my favorite color palettes. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is so easy to layer to create striking and complex blues. I used Napoleonic Blue, Aubusson Blue and Greek Blue on my antique Chinese Apothecary Cabinet, layers of Napoleonic Blue and Graphite on this Chest of Drawers, and different shades… Read more »

MMS Milk Paint Eggs

    When I am testing out several paint colors at the same time, 18 in fact, I don’t necessarily want to paint that many pieces of furniture. But it is important to have samples painted on wood for realistic comparisons. These are wooden goose eggs I found at my local Michaels craft store and… Read more »