Behind the Scenes: Video Shoot II



No matter how carefully you plan ahead when shooting videos, there always seem to be some surprises.  Of the original 8 projects, we ended up having to scrap 3.

Final projectsThe large mirror was a problem from the get go due to glare, so we eliminated it before shooting even began. The dark record cabinet developed bleed through and would have needed extra prep (another coat of shellac). There just was not time in our tight schedule for extra steps so it was put on hold. And the small gray table required extra coats of paint and was not dry enough to finish with wax on the last day of filming. Although you won’t see them in the videos, know that eventually I will cover each project in a blog post.

Here are a few more shots John took while we were getting ready for the second day of filming: the painting.


paintsBy making some last minute substitutions, we were able to complete our goal of taking 8 projects from start to finish, over 3 days filming, 24 videos in all!!


I’m fortunate to have the opportunity work with the creative talents of John Darr and Caleb Wilson. They handle every aspect of putting these tutorials together and I am so, so grateful. Now in the final stages of editing, we hope to have some new videos up on the blog and on YouTube, starting next week.

WaxThank you for all of your wonderful support of Colorways. I love hearing from you. So when you get a chance, check out the new tutorials, and let me know what you think.



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