Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Green Custom Color Swatches

Here is a new page in my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Color Swatch Book. It combines the color cards  for the additional green colors you can mix, by using Antibes Green + English Yellow, Antibes Green+ Arles and Florence + English Yellow, and Florence + Arles. It also shows the results when these new custom colors are blended with varying amounts of Pure White to make tints.

I physically mixed these colors and scanned them into my computer from my project and color journals. The colors are accurate, as much as they can be. Remember, however, actual paint samples look different than those on a computer display. The names for these additional green colors are mine and not official Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors, although I did use ASCP to create them.  The numbers on each color card represent the equal proportion of each color to the other.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

For more color studiescolor swatchescustom colors and color palettes you can click on ASCP Colors & Tints,  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors + Shades and on the Tools tab





Thanks for posting this chart — I’ve found many things around the house that need to be refreshed with new colors. (Starting with dining room chairs, fireplace, coffee table, martha jefferson end tables.) I’m using your chart to select a starter palette for these projects. If all goes well, the kitchen cabinets are next.


For some reason this chart is easy for me to follow along and understand the results. Do you have other charts in this format for other color combinations?

Leslie Stocker

Hi. I’m working on custom pinks right now. Hopefully I’ll have it up soon. Thanks, I also agree it is a better format than my earlier charts


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