A Little Goes A Long Way

I’m back!

After nearly two years of posting project after project week after week, honestly, I burned out a bit. And I need some time to breathe.

Luckily, I got a breath of fresh air working with John at Pure & Original, consulting on colors and projects.  I feel recharged! He’s always chirping in my ear about getting back to blogging so I snagged some left over Fresco Lime paint (color Ashes) and put it in an empty sample can. I had just the project . . .

But before I get to that, I have exciting news. You’ve probably noticed I’ve been expanding my blog to include furniture AND walls. Having a world-class wall paint distributor just a short drive away has really opened up my creative side. So much more can be done when you include a feature wall properly paired with the right piece of furniture. At first blush, I thought painting walls would be expensive and difficult. However, when you consider that high quality wall finishes are guaranteed for 10+ years, and you may be improving the value of your home, it’s a no-brainer. If I look at how much money I’ve spent on ASCP, Miss Mustard Seed, etc. painting furniture, one feature wall every 10 years is quite affordable. Plus it’s really fun to change it up.

Speaking of changing it up, I’m looking for two or three guest bloggers each to commit to doing one project a month and posting it here on my blog. If you’re interested and would like to showcase your work on LeslieStocker.com, email me at lesliest4@gmail.com.

Now to the project.

First off, the theme should be ‘a little goes a long way.’ I had this ugly fireplace in my basement that I’ve been meaning to deal with for a long time. Just awful. If your house was built in the 80’s, you may have a fireplace you hate as well . . .

fireplace before

I’ve been thinking about doing a lime wash and Pure & Original’s Fresco Lime paint gave me just the opportunity. When applied over a mineral surface (like brick), lime paint does not need a primer. It bonds directly to the brick. Lime washes can vary. Some are very thick, some are so thin and translucent. You can achieve either effect (or any between) by varying the amount of water you add to the paint. I went with three parts water, one part paint. That’s quite thin. I was able to cover my entire fireplace with just 100ml of Fresco (really less than 100ml, I had some left over).





This is what was left over after the project. Pure & Original does not offer 100ml sizes for their Fresco Lime, but if you painted a wall, you’d have plenty left over for your fireplace. And even if you just bought 1 liter of Fresco to do your fireplace, that’s a fresh new look for your home for less than $75. Hard to beat that.



fireplace frsco2


After the wash cured (over night), I applied Rust-oleum high heat satin black to the brass trim on the fireplace screen. I wanted it to recede AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!









If you’re interested in Pure & Original paint in the United States, you can find a list of stockists or order online at online at pureoriginalpaint.com. They have a nifty limited-time Classico quarts deal going on (that’s chalk based, but I love it, too). The rest of the world can find their local stockist at pure-original.com

For more posts about Fresco lime paint, check out There’s Only One Fresco, A Fresh New Look, and A Fresco Wash.



lynn ryan

I am glad you are back. I completely understand you needing a break. Your work is fabulous and I never understood how you could do so much every day


I’m so glad you’re back but I understand needing to step back to recharge your battery.


Hi Leslie, thank you for sharing the A Fresco Wash post. Your work is beautiful and stunning. In South Africa we do not get Pure and Original Paint, but we do have Annie Sloan CP. that you used to use and that we both know. Can you please advise which AS colors are nearest to Ashes and Potato Skin? I have a bench that needs to be painted like your friend’s beautiful table. I would really appreciate your advice and knowledge.
Thank you for the privilege to learn so much from you.


Weeell, I wouldn’t exactly call the “before” pic of your fireplace hideous but the after one sure amped it up from ho-hum to updated/stylish. Well done.


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