A Dining Room Reclaimed…


Thea is Back!!


See how she reclaimed her dining room and made it into the space of her dreams!

When we first moved into our home the kitchen and dining room walls were a light yellow with white trim and cabinets,.. what else can you do but go with a countrified kitchen??? I tried to roll with it..


One of the last dinners I remember having,.. Thanksgiving.


It began to evolved when the cold came in and I needed more space.. we were also in the middle of Football season which meant, lots of time on the go,.. crock pot meals enjoyed as we were able to scoop it out,.. seldom were the dinners at the dining room table,.. as time progressed that table wold find its way into the garage.. Seasons of life right??

…the table was pushed aside,..


Dont laugh at the teal,.. I had lots of ideas… It was neat in photography!


Then seasons changed and balance began to take place,.. It was time to reclaim the dining room!  Conveniently I had just been introduced to and fell in love with Pure and Original Paint!


First the Wall Prim went up.  This is a specially created primer created just for the Pure and Original “Fresco” Lime Paint.  Here you can see it tinted to “Earth Stone”

As you can see,.. that alone made an incredible impact!! I was seriously tempted to leave it alone,..

Its a gorgeous deep Grey…

A week later though I would come back and begin applying the Fresco Lime Paint,.. I really wanted to play in the space and fall in love with a look.. I tried I few.

First I went with long vertical lines,.. Remembering to work fast I began applying the fresco from the top to the bottom and back up again,..


Very quickly I ran to take pictures for you as I worked,..

As I cleaned up, the transformation began to really show,..

Aaaah,… Lovely right?? There is something so seriously tranquil about this finish,..

But I wanted to press forward an try working it in different ways.  I wanted to go cloudy,.. However,.. I wanted to work from the middle and radiate outward.


HOW NEAT!! I was truly tempted to add angels and an image of the creation of Adam,.. Alas,.. I would push forward.  I went over my cloudy vortex with random clouds,…working in a cross hatch pattern I landed here,..

Blog Ready



And I like it! It provides a very tranquil feel,.. I love the peaceful earthy tone,.. I paired the “Earth Stone” with Pure & Originals Classico Paint in “Evening Shadow”

Gone are the days of a full-time full length table.  Now, its a two seater that is convenient for this and that,.. daily homework, quiet time with devotions,.. then when the occasions call, it will extend to the full length of the space,.. for family dinners,. Thanksgiving and family get togethers,… Seasons.


Jenene S Horner

Beautiful beyond words. It is perfect that you took a room and we’re able to not only keep its reason but made it multifunctional as well.

Shelley kbight

I really like it. It turbed out really amazing. Did you do this over the teal or leave the teal wall and do this as another accent wall or walls? I really love the teal also. I think it wuld be great to have the teal wall or all the walls the teal with the accent wall in this grey limescale though you can’t really go wrong either way. I’d love to learn how to do some of these things. I just don’t think my body would allow for it. I’m excited about the piece that we are collaborating on for my media center! You have amazing talent!


Thank you Shelley! I agree. I loved the teal wall! I just wanted a different feel for the space. So yes, this treatment went over the teal! Now let’s nail down your perfect purple so we can move forward!! :-) Pure & Original does have a beautiful one..


Great descriptions and beautiful finish. Can you clarify your colors, you started with the earth stone and covered it with evening shadow? which is the fresco lime paint.
Thank you


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