A Barbados Blue Bath al Fresco!

Hello! We would like to Thank Leslie for the opportunity to share this transformation! We are JT Furniture, a husband/wife combo who partake in woodworking and flipping!

We recently had the opportunity to use the Fresco Lime Product from Pure & Original Paints. What is Fresco Lime? The original Fresco Lime Paint , a type of paint that has existed for thousands of year, is being made in a traditional way again in more than 100 beautiful colors. Pure and Originals Fresco Lime Paint is a 100% natural mineral paint, composed of quick lime and natural pigments. A 100% ecologically durable nature paint.

For this update we chose a beautiful Color called Barbados Blue and a Classico Paint Silver Clay for an accent. Honestly, there are so many beautiful colors, you will have a hard time choosing!

This is the Half Bath Space we chose to Fresco. If your home has a bath like this, you know it is the most used bathroom in the home. Located downstairs, it is also the bathroom that guests use. As you can see, it is not terrible, but, not quite stunning either.

When using this product, the first thing I needed to do is clean the walls well and make any necessary repairs. Next, I rolled the primer on called Pure & Original Wallprim. I allowed this to dry approximately 4 hours Then I stirred the Fresco product well and added 20% water. I mix mine in a small dish pan. Next I applied in strokes with a brush.

Applying in cross hatch pattern


Fresco Lime

You can also apply in long sweeping motions. When dry you can apply a sealer. For some areas it’s good to have some extra protection, you can use Dead Flat Eco-sealer (DFE) for that purpose (bathroom, kitchen sink). It is a very matte, transparent sealer. After 7-10 days (lime has to be fully cured) apply 2 (3) diluted layers of DFE with a brush. Wait 12 hours before applying the next layer.

I also painted the Light Fixture, yes, you can paint metal!. the vanity and mirror. Add some new hardware and we now have a gorgeous bathroom for guests.

IMG_3103_editedIMG_3100_editedIMG_3101_edited.jpgIMG_3099_edited IMG_3101_edited

Thank You Again for allowing us to share! Happy Making!


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