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New Videos

  I’m excited to share one of the new instructional videos created by Pure & Original USA. I was so honored and grateful to be asked to participate. Thankfully, my role is minor and the pressure was somewhat off. I was able to relax and enjoy being a part of the whole creative experience. Working with John Darr… Read more »

Pure Easy

  One of my favorite old, primitive pieces, this little chair gets painted over and over as my needs change. It started out looking like this, and became my prop for videos, here, here, and here. I’m not a bright, bold, girl, and I tired of the Antibes Green rather quickly.Wanting to restore it back to a… Read more »

Video 39 Painting Shadows & Highlights Step 1

  In this video, I’ll show you step 1 for prepping a chest of drawers for chalk paint. Prepping is really not complicated, so I share my thoughts about why I’m going to paint it.   If you want to see more videos, click on the Video tab at the top of the page. You… Read more »

Colorways Top 5

  I launched this blog at, just about a year ago, and as I look forward, I also look back. I’m planning new posts, and I wanted to know which ones were the most popular, the ones you liked the best. Luckily, WordPress does all the record keeping for me, so it was only a… Read more »